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Our Background & Services

Our Background

Aerospace Innovations was founded by Ted M. Holtz and Tom A. Johnson, two innovative entrepreneurial engineers with a history of proven technical accomplishments in the areas of requirements definition, systems engineering, analysis and simulation, design, integration, test, and launch operations. These skills have been learned from, and applied to, programs for the Department of Defense, NASA, and the commercial aerospace industry. In early 2008, AI brought on a new partner, Chi Nguyen, PhD, to expand our capabilities in systems engineering, simulation, and engineering safety.

For the past several years, AI has provided support to NASA, Orbital Sciences Corporation, CTA Incorporated, Research Triangle Institute, and others. This support has included simulation development, system alignments, spacecraft design, mission design and orbital analysis, laser safety, mission operations plans, jitter analysis, optical system MTF analysis, integration and test, and launch site support. We have also contributed to various special studies, spacecraft and system conceptual design, and proposal development.


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Innovative products and services ensure the successful completion of our client’s programs. The company has built on its core spacecraft integration and test expertise to provide innovative engineering solutions across multiple engineering disciplines.

Hardware design

AI capabilities include mechanical and enclosure design, electronic design, and system fabrication.

Signal Processing

AI conducts signal processing on analog and digital systems for sensors (radar, lidar, etc) as well as test equipment (jitter measurements of rotating equipment, balancing systems, etc).

Systems Engineering

AI provides systems engineering expertise ranging from requirements definition, concept development, test plans and procedures, to verification and validation.

Integrations & Testing

AI performs integration and test of systems, including both mechanical, electrical and software components. This applies to both ground and flight systems.

Engineering Tools

AI engineers are proficient with many commercial engineering tools. Below are our most commonly used tools.